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UNBOXING: Million Warriors Launcher Set X2

UNBOXING: Million Warriors Launcher Set X2

Speaker 1: Banana.

Speaker 2: Okay, we’re starting. We have Anonymous Banana with us today. Start cutting [inaudible 00:00:08]. We have to make sure [inaudible 00:00:10].

Speaker 1: They’re toy scissors. I can’t do anything with toy scissors.

Speaker 2: Mr. Anonymous Banana. The banana part is rom Mario Kart. Okay, wait please. We didn’t make anything [inaudible 00:00:28]. No copyright please. You need to put it a little more in the camera like over here and…

Speaker 1: I’m trying to get it open.

Speaker 2: … there you go. They’re launchers [inaudible 00:00:44].

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:00:44].

Speaker 2: Well, we have miseur crazy here today. Anonymous Banana. Well, what do you got there? What is that?

Speaker 1: I don’t know.

Speaker 2: I don’t know. It’s a cannon for them. Hey, now we have a table for them. Next one. Find more. Oh geez, that’s a lot of those, Mr. Anonymous Banana. Yeah, that’s our makeshift stand we got there, made out of Barbie doll house tables. We got this guy now. He doesn’t look so good. He looks angry. Is he angry? We’ll be opening…

Speaker 1: I don’t know.

Speaker 2: … two of these today so we can make them go pretty fast. Well, it’s gonna be like a 30 minute video, which it probably is. Look, you could see our shadow. Well, we have this guy now who doesn’t lie. So, next guy. Wow, that’s a lot. Do we have now that guy? Yep. I don’t know their names. So, that’s fast game. Why are you like…

Speaker 1: A football player.

Speaker 2: Yo, bro.

Speaker 1: I like football.

Speaker 2: Why are you like… Wow, we already have like a name reveal so early on.

Speaker 1: Why are you so strong? I’m a strong man. I love bodybuilding. Okay.

Speaker 2: This is our armies people that I’m about to knock down with my finger because I wanna feel them. But it’s okay.

Speaker 1: No. What are you doing? Stop it. No, stop. Oh, I think I’m like a soccer player. World Cup.

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:02:50].

Speaker 1: No. Why did you copy? You need to stop.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:02:57].

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:03:00]. As much as possible, Anonymous Banana.

Speaker 1: I think it’s a referee.

Speaker 2: I think it’s a mad one. [inaudible 00:03:11] Next one. That’s her. You don’t need to set them up. Just leave them.

Speaker 1: He’s falling over.

Speaker 2: Makeshift tripods.

Speaker 1: I hope I have…

Speaker 2: Failing. Quick, see my finger. Look at my finger. Oh my God.

Speaker 1: I thought these would be rubber but like, they’re like plastic. By the way, it’s not sponsored.

Speaker 2: Do you want me to start mine?

Speaker 1: No, I got it.

Speaker 2: Mr. Anonymous Banana.

Speaker 1: There. No, we can do it [inaudible 00:03:46].

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:03:48].

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:03:48] bottom of shame. The shame.

Speaker 2: The shame bottom. Ah. Tripod don’t fail now.

Speaker 1: It’s another duplicate. You’ll sit on the shame button.

Speaker 2: On the shame buttom.

Speaker 1: Will you get another duplicate? Indeed he will. Shame. I swear it’s gonna be all of the same ones over and over again. No wonder are these were on clearance.

Speaker 2: The shame.

Speaker 1: The shame.

Speaker 2: Just start throwing them in the shame pile

Speaker 1: They are ripoffs.

Speaker 2: Shame.

Speaker 1: No, shame.

Speaker 2: Shame. At least we have two football players now, so we could have like a whole football…

Speaker 1: Shame.

Speaker 2: Shame. I think the fun in this is launching them.

Speaker 1: Shame.

Speaker 2: Shame. Wait, that’s another duplicate. That’s three in a row.

Speaker 1: Shame.

Speaker 2; You could see part of the…

Speaker 1: Wait, he fell. Who was that?

Speaker 2: It’s the referee guy.

Speaker 1: Shame.

Speaker 2: So, who will be the last guy? Just so you know, they’re all different packs.

Speaker 1: Shame.

Speaker 2: Shame. And we got the lava referee and stuff. Okay. Start opening up the next part.

Speaker 1: Okay. Is there any more packs?

Speaker 2: The shame. All the people in the same pile. They’re like the exact same.

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:05:20] just included in this pack.

Speaker 2: Wait, why are there crayons?

Speaker 1: Look them up on the millionwarriors.com, not sponsored.

Speaker 2: What is in there? Are there more in there?

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: But you knocked them over.

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 2: They all go in the same pile now. There’s more of them.

Speaker 1: Put it back on the tripod.

Speaker 2: No, we have super tripod and we’re not gonna do that because it’s dangerous. We missed a camera.

Speaker 1: I wanna test this thing out. I think you need to like…

Speaker 2: Well…

Speaker 1: There goes.

Speaker 2: That guy. Here.

Speaker 1: Lava guy. Two lava guys. Now there’s two lava guys. They’re both number one. They’re all number one. What are you doing over there?

Speaker 2: See, so Anonymous Banana is wearing yellow.

Speaker 1: Will we get different?

Speaker 2: Or duplicate.

Speaker 1: No cry.

Speaker 2: Yo, bro.

Speaker 1: Cry and get.

Speaker 2: And finally someone who’s not meant for the shame pile. Hallelujah.

Speaker 1: Hallelujah.

Speaker 2: If you’re afraid of like clowns…

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:06:59].

Speaker 2: Yeah, you’ll see this in your nightmares. Have fun.

Speaker 1: Whoa, family friendly here, buddy. That dingy. I don’t know what it is.

Speaker 2: It’s another fly creature. They all have number one on the back of them.

Speaker 1: Because it’s probably like series one or something.

Speaker 2: They’re not really the first one…

Speaker 1: It’s something on your favorite.

Speaker 2: … you got. Oh bro, it’s like [inaudible 00:07:22] or whatever from Pokemon, something like that. I forget the evolution line.

Speaker 1: Oh, is it like a night guy?

Speaker 2: Yo bro. That one’s cool. [inaudible 00:07:32].

Speaker 1: You’re gonna get him. I don’t know, he looks like he’s like…

Speaker 2: He looks like something from like a mommy or two.

Speaker 1: It reminds me of social studies though. That’s cool. It’s like a deadly viking.

Speaker 2: Wow. Really deadly there.

Speaker 1: What’s this?

Speaker 2: With the double beard.

Speaker 1: It’s like a king.

Speaker 2: Or a new king spider.

Speaker 1: What are these?

Speaker 2: They’re a lot of guys.

Speaker 1: Whoa…

Speaker 2: Are those rare ones or something?

Speaker 1: … this is different. That’s nice. Because look, these are what the other ones look like.

Speaker 2: They’re gray and they’re all different.

Speaker 1: They’re too.

Speaker 2: What these are like yellow?

Speaker 1: Can I open one?

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: You open yours later.

Speaker 2: Yeah, this is gonna be like an eight hour video.

Speaker 1: It’s only been eight minutes. It says 100 on the back of it and it’s like metal. Oh my God. It’s like metal, listen.

Speaker 2: Hey. Stop breaking it.

Speaker 1: Can I see that guy?

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: He might be my new favorite. He’s probably is. I wanna see that guy.

Speaker 2: No guys. Nope. Stop it.

Speaker 1: He’s a robot. Look at this. This is so cool. I’m pretty sure these are the metal ones. No, this one’s not metal. This one’s like number 50 and it’s like plastic. That’s new.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I want a metal one now then.

Speaker 1: If you guys know about these, look them up for us and let us know down in the comment section what they’re about.

Speaker 2: Like the metal one’s my new favorite. I hope I get a metal one.

Speaker 1: Smells like plastic.

Speaker 2: Hi. I don’t know if I can smell it.

Speaker 1: Stop. [inaudible 00:09:11]. It’s another like shiny one, like the other one.

Speaker 2: They’re like clear kind of. I want another metal one. That robot one.

Speaker 1: I was gonna duplicate. You gotta go duplicate. Wait, feel how heavy it is? Is that a metal one?

Speaker 2: No, it’s like a clear one.

Speaker 1: Oh, it’s a clear form guy.

Speaker 2: This is like clear, clear.

Speaker 1: Wait, like feel which one’s heavier or not?

Speaker 2: I don’t think there’s heavier one.

Speaker 1: This guy’s the mummy.

Speaker 2: Yeah, he’s definitely the pharaoh of the group. Where’s the other? Here.

Speaker 1: Whoa. It’s like a cowboy guy.

Speaker 2: It’s the cowboy. They’re all versions of these guys. See like this guy and then there’s that guy back.

Speaker 1: Yeah, they all are different versions of the same guy.

Speaker 2: See then there’s the football player. Except this robot is the best one. He’s my new favorite. 100.

Speaker 1: Mine’s gonna win.

Speaker 2: Can you like stop talking about that one man?

Speaker 1: That’s my favorite though.

Speaker 2: I don’t care. You can get your own, buddy.

Speaker 1: I have my own back there.

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: I can open after this.

Speaker 2: Okay. It’s not a duplicate. I’m about to say [inaudible 00:10:22].

Speaker 1: Of the golden packs. You got another farmed beast. [inaudible 00:10:30]. Oh my God. It’s a different colored.

Speaker 3: Did you find it?

Speaker 2: Well, we are reviewing stuff…

Speaker 1: It’s a different colored.

Speaker 2: … right now.

Speaker 1: It’s a different color bro.

Speaker 2: The metal video parents.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I know, right?

Speaker 2: He is [inaudible 00:10:47].

Speaker 1: Okay, now…

Speaker 2: Parents are so annoying, man.

Speaker 1: Now we’re gonna watch him.

Speaker 2: Here’s a metal one.

Speaker 1: I’m gonna watch him. I’m Anonymous Banana [inaudible 00:10:57].

Speaker 2: She’s metal.

Speaker 1: These duplicates are great.

Speaker 2: Duplicates in the bin. Metals ones stays in here.

Speaker 1: The bin of shame. Where did it go?

Speaker 2: Pretty metal.

Speaker 1: Wait, [inaudible 00:11:16]. Did you just tighten it on there? No, don’t put the metal guy in there. He can get stuck in the machine. You better not just like launch that like a cannon.

Speaker 2: I think I’m trying to figure it out.

Speaker 1: I think it’s already. Do you hear it? You can like twist this part and then they like load into the [inaudible 00:11:40]. Hey, some of them landed. Where’s the metal guy? I see you. You will never escape me, you’re my favorite boy. What if we just go like this way? No, he fell. Yeah, this is meant to go like this to mix them around. They could go in.This is means they go, you have to stop this like this when you start and they can’t go in [inaudible 00:12:06]. That’s what it looks like to me. I do not care. Now give me the other one. Give me the other one, you big booty.

Speaker 2: What other one?

Speaker 1: Did you lose it?

Speaker 2: No. Did you push the one that was over here?

Speaker 1: No, I put them in bin.

Speaker 2: You put them in here?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:12:29] I’m gonna have [inaudible 00:12:30].

Speaker 1: How do you know how many?

Speaker 2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Speaker 1: 12 minutes later. That’s actually the time of the video right now.

Speaker 2: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19…

Speaker 1: They’re like 13 [inaudible 00:12:47].

Speaker 2: … 20, 21, 22, 23, 24…

Speaker 1: You have to [inaudible 00:12:50].

Speaker 2: … 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35. And the parents were asking if we found a tripod and you know the answer to that question.

Speaker 1: It’s already a 12 minute video. I don’t know how I’m going to do this.

Speaker 2: It’s 13 and 13 seconds but that doesn’t matter.

Speaker 1: What was it in? In there.

Speaker 2: You should just take the lid off and put them in afterwards. Like put them in one by one.

Speaker 1: Like it’s there. And then I’m pretty sure you go like that and flick it back and now the guy’s down there and then you launch it.

Speaker 2: Just like that. Don’t go down there.

Speaker 1: No one came down.

Speaker 2: There. One came down. Oh my God. It’s a cowboy. Can I open mine now? Can we like set this up outside or whatever. There’s no one in there.

Speaker 1: Where did that go? Oh my God. Tell me if you saw that, it went in the Barbie dream house castle thing-a-ma-bobber.

Speaker 2: Let that go.

Speaker 1: Distractions, it’s time for me to open mine.

Speaker 2: It went behind the Barbie dream house so much.

Speaker 1: You’re gonna switch seats with me.

Speaker 2: We are gonna switch seats. You’re gonna have put these guys. Just take the lid off.

Speaker 1: All right give me, put them in there.

Speaker 2: There you go metal guys in there, I could hear him. It’s my turn. You get to control the camera now. Just put this back here. We should switch seats now. Trash goes on the ground.

Speaker 1: That’s where trash goes. How about you open the ones in the…

Speaker 2: You forgot to open the back part. I’m pretty sure.

Speaker 1: Yeah, right the back part.

Speaker 2: There’s a back part, boy. Just set it up here, we don’t need to add stuff to it.

Speaker 1: Okay, so there’s a back part that I’m pretty sure…

Speaker 2: It has a sound.

Speaker 1: I’m pretty sure it’s like the battle pack. [inaudible 00:15:06]. Well, you’re really a bad person. I don’t really believe in you. See look, it says there’s like thing here, which I think is like [inaudible 00:15:20] thing. Here.

Speaker 2: It looks like he got that out, Mr. Anonymous Banana. Now we know the names. Rainbow Fists. Wow, what a surprise I mean.

Speaker 1: It is a fold out thing. You put the guys on there.

Speaker 2: I’m pretty sure it goes like that.

Speaker 1: Why you got a fortress with a tomb? They’re themed. What there’s an 18 creek castle and stuff. What is that? There we, now we have a set to put this thing on. I’ll put the actual trash now in the trash. Did you like being your head in there? Like we don’t want that.

Speaker 2: There we go.

Speaker 1: Look, there’s a portal to another dimension to this, well very hole long.

Speaker 2: You should put the guys up here. You should, but you haven’t yet.

Speaker 1: While he’s putting the guys up there, I’m gonna open.

Speaker 2: He’s gonna start opening it.

Speaker 1: I see.

Speaker 2: Just get it open. You know, we’re not gonna put the guys up here now. Put you guys up later and take a picture.

Speaker 1: Okay, switching seats time. Wait. We have our scene in the background with everybody and stuff. I have the scissors of destiny and fate of this 17 minute long video.

Speaker 2: A soccer ball.

Speaker 1: Could be like 30 minutes. If you wanna open it, open it from like right there.

Speaker 2: I believe in myself.

Speaker 1: Bro, you…

Speaker 2: No face cams, all right?

Speaker 1: Open it from like right there. I got a hold.

Speaker 2: Oh my God. What are you doing, Amy?

Speaker 1: Move it over. Stupid guy.

Speaker 2: Can you guys see it? Look at that.

Speaker 1: I wanna open the old guys first.

Speaker 2: Yeah, open the guys from here first the capsule.

Speaker 1: Guess what Jersey I’m wearing? He’s from the Lakers [inaudible 00:17:44].

Speaker 2: [inaudible 00:17:49].You could barely see anything but I am cutting this apart.

Speaker 1: No, you’re ruining it. You’re ruining it.

Speaker 2: I’m just trying my best.

Speaker 1: You’re ruining it.

Speaker 2: Can you stop with that? Okay, we’re gonna start off with these guys.

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 2: I can’t get to the other guys yet.

Speaker 1: You’re ruining it.

Speaker 2: I can’t get to the other guys, all right?

Speaker 1: Wait, look here, hold this.

Speaker 2: Oh wait, we can just wrap this part up.

Speaker 1: Look.

Speaker 2: Okay. You can barely see you. You’re supposed to be the camera guy. You’re not supposed to be helping.

Speaker 1: This is our packs of like older guys. [inaudible 00:18:42]. 35 kung fu masters. Kung fu fighter. No, copyright. [inaudible 00:19:03]. Hey, that’s a guy I like.

Speaker 2: Okay, you’re supposed to be the cameraman. We can barely see anything.

Speaker 1: Well, we’re not watching you right now. Now we could open the golden guys from the inside.

Speaker 2: Nope. Stop. I know how to do this. I got this. How does this work again? I know, it’s just a snap on thing. Aim the camera…

Speaker 1: We can see here.

Speaker 2: …at me. Okay, we have another giant long thing of these guys. Now we have three of them. Plus I feel weight in this end one. Will I get this special robot though? One my favorite. Oh, I got a different robot. He’s an orange robot.

Speaker 1: I’ll trade you.

Speaker 2: Maybe. He’s got flames in his eyes and he’s still cool, so. Yeah, he’s metal.

Speaker 1: Wait, let’s put them on the podium of metal guys and stuff. So, the podium guys that aren’t duplicate. Foreshadowing. No, [inaudible 00:20:11].

Speaker 2: Pharaoh. This guy put the Pharaoh back up. Next guy.

Speaker 1: You have to show this screen now, buddy. Like that because they’re different than mine.

Speaker 2: Yeah they are. Look at this guy.

Speaker 1: Oh my God. This guy doesn’t wanna stand up. You can see the man now. I know.

Speaker 2: Oh my God. So, this guy’s like the the other guy. Yeah, like pretty fat. He’s fat.

Speaker 1: No body shaming. Toys have feelings too, hashtag toys.

Speaker 2: This guy is the same exact thing. He’s the same exact type except now he’s a mummy.

Speaker 1: Oh my God, a fat mummy.

Speaker 2: No body shaming.

Speaker 1: The fat toys.

Speaker 2: Toys have feelings, you know. Foreshadowing.

Speaker 1: I don’t know, have you seen “Toy Story?” Okay, that guy’s mad at you. [inaudible 00:21:18].

Speaker 2: Almost the end of our golden run of clear guys [inaudible 00:21:24]. Oh my God, I got a like a pirate. No.

Speaker 1: I felt like looking like right at me boy.

Speaker 2: What about this guy?

Speaker 1: Right. Looking right at you [inaudible 00:21:37]. You’re way up.

Speaker 2: I know, it’s another pirate guy.

Speaker 1: Army ladies, let me try and like go through their names. Yeah, review that.

Speaker 2: Find out the name of that robot. Okay, I don’t think there are any more in here.

Speaker 1: This guy keeps falling over. You know what, I’m leaving.

Speaker 2: You know what? Oops. Just put them in a pile already.

Speaker 1: I’m gonna find the name for, I think it’s these. Metal gang. What’s he look like?

Speaker 2: Just look on the camera.

Speaker 1: I’m trying to phone him.

Speaker 2: Are you really bad at this? Maybe they’re in a different section than where you’re looking. Okay, let’s get onto the all the next four things of heroes.

Speaker 1: You can find a gold warrior I mean.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Which we probably didn’t find.

Speaker 1: See, these are different. See like this one has this on it, but then this one has this on it. He’s not telling me what the name of this is.

Speaker 2: They’re all different. I’m pretty sure they stand for what you could get. Let’s find out if we get like one of these guys in this pack.

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:23:01] name of it, if any you guys can find it just from this.

Speaker 2: We’re in the middle listening. Is he the same on the pack? No. Go in the failure pile. Our thing has been proven. What guy was it? This guy.

Speaker 1: I got like a giant ninja boy. This cowboy guy kind of thing. You were like holding [inaudible 00:23:35].

Speaker 2: I got something. Some sort of guy with a cape. I can’t find them, bro. I got my first forearmed guy. Okay. So, I can’t find them. If any of you guys buy these, tell me the name of them…

Speaker 1: And on this picture now.

Speaker 2: This guy. It feels heavier as we go. Oh, this guy’s new. Who is that? Look at that.

Speaker 1: Is that a weird shape to him? It’s like a tiki header.

Speaker 2: It’s like a tiki mask or something. He’s also number one though, which means can’t be rarely. These guys are five and stuff. Like I’m pretty sure it’s the rarity…

Speaker 1: Are they five guys?

Speaker 2: I’m pretty sure it’s rarity or something.

Speaker 1: Try to find out [inaudible 00:24:45].

Speaker 2: See this guy’s weird. He’s a tiki guy. He must be reading like one of those like totems you see or whatever.

Speaker 1: Do you he’s think part of your answers?

Speaker 2: Probably. I have a pirate this time. Sure. Where is it? What is this?

Speaker 1: Hey, you got a super rare by the way.

Speaker 2: What one?

Speaker 1: That fat guy.

Speaker 2: This one? The number five?

Speaker 1: Yeah. The normal version [inaudible 00:25:28].

Speaker 2: I got this guy, a mummy. Wait, that was like…

Speaker 1: The mummy is heavy.

Speaker 2: I got a rainbow guy.

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:25:41]. I think his name’s tornado, dude.

Speaker 2: Yeah, his name’s tornado dude, that guy that you’re holding. Can I see? Is he rainbow?

Speaker 1: Tornado, dude. He’s calmer. We got Farmer Jolton here. This guy is in all unusual. Totem tiki guy is the only tiki totem guy.

Speaker 2: Boy, I like the superhero guy. I’m pretty sure he’s the main hero. Super Saba. This guy’s name is Super Saba. This guy, he’s weird. Well, [inaudible 00:26:28]. This guy’s huge.

Speaker 1: I got one of the ones that are on the packs. See this one? It’s this guy. He’s rare. No, he’s not rare. He’s common. His name is Bay Men, like kind like Baymax from the “Bay Mac” movie. But Bay Men. His Bay Men. Yeah, Bay Men.

Speaker 2: What do we got here?

Speaker 1: This name is so creative, Bob and Greenfly. Look, Bob and Greenfly and alien girl. Which one will be the last one I get? Will it be a good one? Nope, it’s a one rated.

Speaker 2: Let me see it.

Speaker 1: It doesn’t [inaudible 00:27:24].

Speaker 2: Let me see it. I’m gonna find it. This is definitely the best, these are 100s. Where’s your metal guy? He’s also 100. Let’s see, one…

Speaker 1: Time to fling out. What?

Speaker 2: Okay, girl.

Speaker 1: Kinda like you got more. We’re at the 27 minute mark ish.

Speaker 2: It’ll be a 30 minute video. We got this guy, it’s time for speedy mode activated.

Speaker 1: No. The viewers wanna see it.

Speaker 2: Fine. This guy, Henry got the same guy, it’s one of those weird Viking guys.

Speaker 1: I actually clicked the zero, five by the two.

Speaker 2: Zoom out. Hey, I also got, I’m pretty sure this is the first batch of the ones. So, this is the first hacky that I hadn’t like banana man. Yeah, I got this.

Speaker 1: Yeah, this is my first step.

Speaker 2: This is the second one that you opened.

Speaker 1: You like the knife until you saw the metal guy. You were like, “Damn.”

Speaker 2: Oh my God, it’s Frankenstein 2.0 bro.

Speaker 1: What is this? Wait, why don’t you have so many of these guys in just different colors? Look at the detail. You got another caramel guy? Where’s that cowboy guy? I wanna show them the detail they put into there.

Speaker 2: Okay, it’s time for the last guy. He’s a giant guy.

Speaker 1: Like they could have just slacked out but look at the detail they put into these little characters. Now if I was holding it from here, it’s this about…

Speaker 2: It’s a football player.

Speaker 1: One inch tall…

Speaker 2: Except we have to have to add the board. We have to add the board.

Speaker 1: …that much. Not that tall. Let’s see if Mason gets a different board that cut. Here gets another board. He’s just struggling to open it.

Speaker 2: Ah, got it. I think I did get a different board. Okay, well we have our checklist. My name. Who’s Mason? We’re gonna beep that out, if you decide to edit it. I did get a different board. I got a city board. I didn’t get like a royal team or anything. See I got this city board.

Speaker 1: It don’t stand up like that like that goofy.

Speaker 2: No, it stands up. It doesn’t.

Speaker 1: You have to like unfold that out and then you have to fold it like this. Unfold it out like that and then you have to put it through the hole and then you unfold this part so it doesn’t…

Speaker 2: Other side sign. Saddle montage, need to do them. [inaudible 00:30:43] Anonymous Banana. We’re gonna put them in this. [inaudible 00:30:52] I was going to put them on the stand here. We’ll do that later. I’m gonna put them. This is our battle stand.

Speaker 1: Wait, let’s see if we can launch the guys through the bath though…

Speaker 2: The brick wall here.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Let’s see if we can launch them through the brick.

Speaker 2: I think that’s what it’s meant for. I’m gonna put this here and I’m gonna grab the cannon. Henry, you’re gonna have to aim it.

Speaker 1: Okay, stop.

Speaker 2: Okay. Ready? I think this is Howard. Is there a guy in there?

Speaker 1: Wait, stop.

Speaker 2: Is the camera on there?

Speaker 1: You watch this. You have to open it up and then shake it.

Speaker 2: Got one.

Speaker 1: All right, you suck. You didn’t even… So close, keep going. [inaudible 00:32:03].

Speaker 2: I gotta make it through that hole, the sewer pipe down there.

Speaker 1: There’s no one there, goofy. Come on. We believe in you fighters. They’re so hard to get in here. This is caught under guy.

Speaker 2: I got it.

Speaker 1: It’s so close.

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: He’s fell on a tin. Tin can with a tin can.

Speaker 2: So, no I just don’t have anybody in.

Speaker 1: They’re terrible.

Speaker 2: Stop. This is my first time trying this.

Speaker 1: This is my first time too and I got the easy monster baby.

Speaker 2: Because you have guys that actually come out. I got one.

Speaker 1: It was so close, I hit the gutter tray.

Speaker 2: Oh man, I was like I don’t like the fire. I got one.

Speaker 1: I believe I can fly.

Speaker 2: I hit the roof sky. Hold on, [inaudible 00:33:09].

Speaker 1: Yay. No.

Speaker 2: Trip shot.

Speaker 1: First try. Only took ya six tries. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. It only took you seven tries.

Speaker 2: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven tries.

Speaker 1: That one. You suck.

Speaker 2: I can’t reach it over the camera.

Speaker 1: Push this one in, he’s inside the building.

Speaker 2: Okay. We’re just gonna leave him like that.

Speaker 1: And I’ll see you guys later because it’s a 35 minute video. Told you.


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