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Burger Dude Studios is a creativity incubator for young & old. Experimenting with creative design, game development, video production, programming & more.

Check out our experimental HTML5 video games, Roblox games, stories of adventure and everything else Burger Dude.

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Video Game Development

We’re total noobs! But that’s ok, you have to start somewhere.  All we know is we love to play videos games of all kinds and we want to know what makes them click.  So we started down a path of hands on learning with Construct 3 game making software. That’s given us the ability to understand some of the basics about programming and designing video games.  If you head back to the video game arcade on the home page you can play some of our creations. On top of that the Burger Dude wanted to try his hand at making some Roblox games. So we did, you can find Roblox obby-s, race games and more in the arcade too. 

Fantasy & Adventure Story Telling

Bed time stories are fun, we read them, watch them and tell them.  Sometimes we make them up as we go along. That’s where Drift’s Odyssey started, as a bed time story we made up as we went along. We used our pets as the main characters and put them into wild places with magic and adventure. Night after night the story would build, and grow. Soon it got so big it had to be written down or we would forget how it started.  Now all you have to do is start the journey and see how it ends.

Shorts, Reels, Unboxings & More

Sometimes we do more than make video games and make up stories. We like to make videos, sometimes top motion videos, sometimes unboxings, or just silly shorts.  Check out the Burger Dude Studios blog to see everything we’ve been up to.

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When you shop the drip you help keep Burger Dude Studios going.  We built BDS to help inspire, educate and explore. And now we’ve got cool swag too.  From color morphing mugs to crop tops to bento boxes for your lunch.

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