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Drift’s Odyssey: Chapter 1

Drift's Odyssey Chapter 01

Drift’s Odyssey: Chapter 1

In a small house on the edge of a small village just outside a great wood a young dog lay curled up in his bed. Warm covers pulled up to his ears, face buried deep in an oversized pillow. He was an ordinary dog, a bit timid but happy in his small house living his small life. His name was Drift a small dog with brown and white fur, pointy ears, a big smile and an even bigger appetite. Drift shifted in his sleep, his pillow wet from drool as images of giant steak chops, hamburgers and hot dogs invaded his dreams. Little did he know, outside his window a strange and terrible storm was brewing, one that would thrust him into a great adventure and terrible danger.

Thunder cracked the sky and rumbled so loud the windows in Drift’s small house shook and rattled.  Drift shoot upright in his bed, forcing his eyes open as the rumble began to taper off. Outside his window the sky was flashing and swirling with rainbow colors. Pulling himself out of bed he walked to the window to look out at what’s going on. As he looked at the sky, he noticed a great swirling hole where the sun used to be. It seemed to be what was causing the sky’s strange colors.

Behind him Drift could hear the sound of breathing and snorting. He turned around to see a ghost floating by his bed, the ghost looked a lot like him, but his fur was a different color and he wore a strange hat.

Can you believe this weather? Crazy sky huh? The ghost said to him in a matter of fact tone.

That’s not the only thing crazy that’s happening right now. Who and what are you and why are you floating in my room? Drift asked.

I am Bowser, I was once a lot like you but now I am a lot cooler, that’s a pun, get it cooler cause I am dead. Drift stared back at Bowser with a blank unknowing gaze. Ok maybe it’s too early for puns. I am here because I need your help, I died trying to stop a great evil from spreading but I wasn’t strong enough. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn everything I could that might help me get back to this world to stop the evil once and for all. I’ve learned a lot about life and death, a little about magic and a little about you.

So many more questions…Drift mumbled.

Drift, there is a great evil trying to spread to this world and if successful, it could spread across the Universe.  I believe you’re the only one who can stop it.  Said the ghost.

So…many…questions…Drift mumbled again.  I think I am just going to go back to bed, this can’t be real, there is no way this is real. Drift said and made his way for his bed.

I know this might seem outrageous but it’s real. Look back out your window, that’s real, the sky is being torn apart by an evil mad scientist from a different dimension. They call him Dr. Time he’s been trying to cross dimensions and spread his empire. He’s spent years trying to create an army of evil minions to do his bidding.  He failed a number of times, the squiggle puppies that live here, they were one of his first experiments. They turned out like all puppies, good, sweet and loving, so he had no use for them.  His next attempt was more successful. This time he started with an animal that he knew was evil, cats, and created eraser cats. Eraser cats are pure evil and have the power to erase anything they want from time and space. Now with his army of evil eraser cats, Dr. Time has split the fabric of the universe and is coming here to expand his reach.

He will start with the squiggle puppies, erase his failure and then he’ll set his cats to erase all other life on this planet.  I’ve spent the last two years searching the universe, jumping between dimensions and looking for a way to stop Dr. Time. Everything keeps pointing me back here to you Drift.  The universe sees something in you, there is something in you that can save everyone, you are the chosen one. Bowser finished his story and looked at Drift who was now sitting on the edge of his bed shaking.

Is it fear? Does the universe see fear in me? Because I am scared of everything, scared enough to know that my best bet would be to just stay in bed and not listen to floating ghosts in wizard hats.  You seriously have to be talking to the wrong dog here, this can’t be right. I mean you’re a wizard and you’re dead, how could I possibly have any chance of stopping an evil mad scientist and his army if you couldn’t? Drift asked.

Just then Bowser zipped across the room and right into Drift. Drift screamed. It felt like butterflies were flapping through his veins, every part of his body tickled and tingled. The white spot on his stomach turned black, one of his legs was turning black too.

Drift could see in the mirror that he was now wearing Bowser’s silly wizard hat.  In his head Drift could hear Bowser’s voice, almost like his own thoughts, just not in his own voice.

Well I am glad that worked Bowser’s voice said.  To be honest I wasn’t really sure it would, I mean I’ve read about it a couple times, but I’ve never actually tried merging with anyone or anything. But hey, we just successfully merged and that’s pretty cool.

So right now, you’re like in my head? Drift asked.  No, more like sharing your body. Bowser replied. That’s not all though, while we share a body, you can use my magic and know all the things I know.

Dude this is so gross, I think you should get out of my body. Drift demanded.

Hold your horses, you didn’t seem to hear the last part, now that we are merged you can use magic! We are a lot stronger together and we will get even stronger. There are magical relics hidden around this world. Each one will make us stronger and grant us new powers. It’s time to set out to meet our destiny, gather the relics, gain new powers and become strong enough to defeat Dr. Time.  Your destiny awaits! We must start now, with the relics in hand we can raid the temple on Mt. Erol, defeat the monsters that protect it, find the time seed and seal the interdimensional portal that is tearing your world apart. Bowser urged Drift to action.

Back up, monsters on Mt Erol? Time seed? So the army of reality erasing evil cat minions weren’t enough? Questioned Drift. He looked in the mirror on the opposite side of the room, he could hardly recognize himself. He laid down on his bed and pulled up the covers, wrong dog, he barked.

Alright sunshine get out of bed, give me a chance, let me show you something. I promise its worth getting out of bed for, I’ll even make you a deal.  If what I am about to show you doesn’t change your mind, you can get back in bed and sleep the whole thing off.  I’ll vanish back into the dimension I came from and you’ll never hear from mean again. Bowser said hoping he had made a strong enough impression.

Drift rolled out of bed, plopping his feet onto the floor with a thud, he stood up took one last look at the mirror and walked to his door. When he got to the door he paused, took a deep breath and thought to himself, I must be going crazy.  You know I can read your thoughts, you’re not crazy, how many times do I have to assure you this is real. Now grab that doorknob and get outside already, I am about to blow that pea sized brain of yours right out of your ears. Bowser said with a smile in his voice.

Drift stepped outside, a strong, steady breeze pushed against his face, it was cold and made him uncomfortable.  Do you know how to fight? Bowser asked. Not really, said Drift but I’ve played Street Fighter a few times on my console.  Bowser groaned a little with disbelief. Fine that’s fine, you know everything I know and vice versa, it didn’t look like there was much fighting experience in here, but I was hoping you might be holding out on me.  We can just start with the basics. Take a couple steps away from your house and get in a fighter’s stance. I want you to try a really basic punch and kick combination. I’ll visualize it for you and then you can repeat it, it’s going to go left jab, left jab, right hook, kick.

Oddly enough Drift could see everything Bowser was explaining in his mind, like a dream or like someone projecting a movie right into the back of his eyes. He stepped out and repeated the motions, the first two jabs seemed normal but when he threw the right hook his right hand tripled in size and the air around it seemed to glow. The same thing happened when he kicked, his foot became enormous and glowed with power, it cracked the air with a loud pop at the end. There was so much energy behind Drifts kick it almost sent him backwards to the ground.  Drift giggled and his eyes grew wide, even if this was all just a crazy dream Drift liked it.

Look at that, he likes it Bowser joked. I told you that would blow your mind. Now let’s go, the sooner we get started the better.  If we wait too long there will be no stopping Dr. Time, he’ll have too many of his eraser cats in this dimension and we will be overwhelmed.  We need to start gathering relics and, if I am right, the closest one is hidden somewhere near Shimmer lake.  I’ve got an old friend that lives in the lake who may be able to help us, and we will need all the help we can get. Bowser finished.

To Bowser’s disbelief Drift turned around and walked back into his house. What are you doing!? Bowser exclaimed.  If you think I am going off to battle the forces of evil on an empty stomach and without my lucky fanny pack, you are crazy. Drift said.  Fanny pack, lucky fanny pack, no one in the world has ever said those words together before, lucky fanny pack, how is that even a thing. Bowser barked.

Well it is, and besides where are we supposed keep all these relics and stuff if we don’t have a fanny pack. Are you going to stuff them in your ghost pockets? Asked Drift.

Ok good point, let’s get some food and your…lucky fanny pack and get going already. Bowser submitted.

Drift stepped from his house belly full, wearing a silly wizard hat and his lucky fanny pack and headed off to the wooded shores of shimmer lake.  On their journey Drift and Bowser encountered a number of small eraser cats, not full-blown soldiers more like actual cats but they still attacked and tested Drift’s resolve. Drift and Bowser were able to fight them off without much trouble and Drift’s confidence grew in his new abilities.  Man, this magic stuff is pretty fun and the way those cat’s pop out of existence when we kick them in the face really does make me smile. Drift said with a smile in his voice.  Is there other stuff we could do? Like finger guns, pew pew, boooooom Drift mouthed the sounds as he pointed his finger guns into the woods beside them.

You know finger guns would be pretty cool but there is a limit to my magic and without the power of the relics we won’t be able to do much better than some power punches and kicks.  Bowser explained.

What about a Kamehameha like Goku? Kamehameha Drift yelled as he put his hands together and pretended to blast an energy ball from his palms. 

Are you trying to call more eraser cats to us?  I told you we have limits right now; this isn’t a comic book.  We need magical relics to increase our powers. There are a handful of relics scattered across this land and each will help us grow stronger in different ways.  At least that’s my best guess based on the ancient texts I’ve come across.  There could be more could be less. Bowsers voice was unsure and trailed off slightly.

Wait you’re not even sure if they will make us stronger? Are you even sure they exist? Or is this like the merger, you think it will work and you’re just going to cross your fingers and wing it? Drift asked in a slightly panicked voice.

Well no, I am going to cross our fingers and we are going to wing it. Bowser retorted, sarcastically.

Drift stopped walking and took a deep breath and looked down at the ground as the excitement drained from his face. 

Chin up, have a look around Drift.  We made it to our first stop, just past those boulders on the other side of that ridge is Shimmer lake, Bowser said.  When I was alive, I spent many days here by the side of the lake, fishing and swimming.  Some of my greatest memories are here; painted sky sunsets, warm summer days sleeping in the shade of the great wood. Playing games and making friends with all sorts of creatures.  A great friend lives here, she was the first person I ever knew to use magic. I made a promise to her that I would help her get to Diamond lake on the far horizon to find a lost love.  I left and never had the chance to fulfil my promise.  I hope she can forgive me.

Just then the lake exploded with a blast of light and water.  The blast was so large it felt like Drift had just been hit by a small car. He flew backwards on to his but bounced once and settled in as the last of the lake water rained from the sky.  As the ripples in the lake settled Drift could see something standing or floating just off the shoreline.  Whatever it was seemed to glow, and all Drift could think was oh poop, another ghost. 

BOWSER!!!!!! A voice came roaring from the glowing object on the shoreline. BOWSER!!!! I know you’re here; I’d know that pathetic excuse for an aura anywhere.  Get out from behind the silly looking Dog right now so I can kill you! The voice was so loud and clear Drift could feel it vibrate his skin, on top of that, he was pretty sure Bowser was shaking like a leaf inside of him. It was an odd feeling to be shaking on the inside and outside.

Well, I am already dead, so she can’t kill me again, but she can definitely kill you.  I am gonna unmerge from you for a minute, you might want to hide behind one of those rocks for now. Bowser said with almost no life to his voice.

Ok Rain, you’re right, I’ll come out just give this guy a chance to get out of the way before you blast me. Bowser shouted, taking control of Drifts voice.  I wasn’t sure that would work either Bowser thought…I can still hear you Drift said, you’re not exactly inspiring confidence here.

As Bowser pulled himself out of Drifts body Drift finally had a chance to get a good look at who was floating above the water.  He’d never seen anyone like her, she was by far the most beautiful fish he had ever seen maybe even the most beautiful person.  Her scales looked like gem stones each one caught and reflected the sun.  They were all different colors and they shined as if she had a light insider her. Just then both dogs could hear a very muted mumble float on the breeze from her lips “oh no, he’s dead.”

Bowser what happened to you!? I didn’t want to believe the worst but after all these years of waiting, I had all but lost hope.  Then I could feel you coming this morning, just like when we were kids.  I knew you were here before you got past the boulders and I was so happy and angry, very angry but I had hope again, I thought you had come back to take me to Diamond lake. Rain finished with tears in her voice.  What happened?

Wait wait wait, you’re a magic, flying, glowing, blasting fish why would you need Bowser to take you to Diamond lake, why don’t you just float yourself over there? Drift interrupted.

Rain’s eyes shot across the distance between Bowser and Drift in an instant. Drift’s blood ran cold and he felt like his feet were frozen in place. He knew he had made a mistake.

WHO IS THIS KNUCKLEHEAD YOU DRAGGED ALONG?  WHAT KIND OF BRAINLESS DOPE ARE YOU!? DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MAGIC OR FISH!?  Rain’s voice roared back to the skin vibrating level it had started at.  I am a fish, a magic fish yes but like all magic creatures there are limits to my power, even I can’t live outside of water forever. Speaking of which I should probably make a quick splash before I blast you back to the doghouse you crawled out of, otherwise Bowser won’t be the only ghost here.

Drift swallowed a hard gulp almost swallowing his tonged.  Uh, I didn’t really want to leave my doghouse if we are being honest about things.  I mean I’d be just as happy laying in my bed ignoring the fact that there has been a giant hole ripped in the fabric of space time and an army of furless eraser cat things invading our world.  He dragged me out, like literally took over my body, dragged me outside, told me crazy stories about magic, made me do bad karate and forced me to come here.  Drift said pointing at Bowser. This is his fault, I like my bed, I want my bed, I will go back to bed, seriously.

That’s all true, he’s a pretty lazy dog, you should see his room, it’s a mess I am not sure he’s ever cleaned it. And don’t even get me stated on his bathroom. Bowser said rolling his eyes.

Wait when were you in my bathroom? Drift questioned.

Ok stop it you two, off track, you’re way off track, I swear you dogs have no attention span. Rain took over the conversation. Let’s back this up a bit before my patience runs out and I get back in my lake.  That hole in the sky, you said it was a rip in space time and furless eraser cats were invading our world, how did you skim over that. I mean that seems super important, way more important than how messy knucklehead’s bathroom is.

Can you not call me knucklehead? Drift’s question was met with another icy glare, this one was even more terrifying than the last. Knucklehead works, it works.

You want the relic, don’t you? Rain asked knowingly.

Well no, I don’t want the relic, I NEED the relic.  I, we have to gather as many as we can and use them to stop Dr. Time.  Somehow, this knucklehead is the key and with him and the relics we can save the world and maybe even the entire universe. Bowser said, some of his lost confidence returning to his voice.  I was hoping to make you a deal, join us.

Wait like in my body, I don’t need another person in my body, two is icky enough. Drift interrupted.

Not in your body knucklehead.

Really, again with the knucklehead, my name is Drift. Can you at least call me Drift?

NO, Rain and Bowser yelled in unison.

Join us on the quest, we can use your help and we really do need the relic.  Our next stop is just past the horizon, in the Hunter’s forest.  Diamond lake isn’t far from there either. We can take the shortcut across the desert, explore the Hunter’s forest find the second relic and then drop you off at Diamond lake.  Bowser pleaded with Rain.

You were here earlier for the part about me being a fish right? Rain asked now glaring at Bowser.

So much angry. Bowser replied. I am pretty sure you were here for Drift’s part about the magic, right? While I might be dead, I am not completely useless.  I died trying to stop Dr. Time and his cats, but I never gave up.  I learned a few things, magic included, and picked up a few tricks along the way. On one trip while searching for one of the ancient texts, I learned this nifty little charm.

Bowser zipped back into Drift, raised Drifts arms pointed his open hands towards Rain, closed his eyes and focused all his energy on conjuring up his magic.  He strained every muscle in Drift’s body while repeating a spell in his head and with a pop and a flash a glass sphere winked into existence in Drift’s open hands.  Drift let out a toot as Bowser, let his muscles relax. Sorry bout that Drift said.

Years of searching the cosmos and you came here to conjure up a fishbowl.  What is wrong with you! I am not getting in that thing; how could you think this is ok?  A fishbowl, knucklehead was right, back to bed is a better idea. Rain said with overwhelming annoyance in her voice.

I know how this looks but it’s not just a fishbowl, Bowser quickly added.  Watch this, moving Drift’s arms Bowser lifted the bowl flipped it upside down and plopped it on Drift’s head.  Oh great now I really look like a knucklehead, wearing a stupid wizard hat and a fishbowl on my head.

The bowl stuck fast to Drift’s head, no water dripped out and to Drift’s surprise he could breath under water. Wow this is amazing it’s just like breathing air but my heads underwater. But she can’t fit in here with my head and what if she has to go to the bathroom, she can’t go to the bathroom in my head water. Drift said excitedly.

You don’t need to breath water to get where we are going, knucklehead.  So, let’s take it off your head and let Rain jump in. With Bowser’s help Drift pulled the bowl from his head and with the sound of a loud pop Drift was dry and breathing air.  The bowl quickly grew larger and larger giving Rain a wide target to aim for.  She jumped in without splash and swam around the radius of the bowl.  The water felt fresh and Rain was surprised about how comfortable she felt in captivity. 

Ok, don’t freak out but things are going to get a little weird Bowser said with a grin. Rain’s eyes grew wide stretching almost the entire height of her head as the fishbowl’s size doubled and then shrunk to the size of a plumb.  As the bowl fell from the air Drift reached out and grabbed it, pulling the palm size bowl in close to his chest. This is great and all, but I am not carrying her around everywhere we go. I mean how am I supposed to punch an eraser cat in its ugly face if I am holding Rain’s fishbowl? Drift asked, confused and a little agitated.

You’re wearing a fanny pack; you can put the magic fishbowl in the fanny pack and punch as many eraser cats in their ugly faces as you want.  Everyone cool with that? Bowser asked.

Not really said Drift. I am not loving it either said Rain. Too bad, it’s the best we got Bowser answered. Now about that relic…

Get me out of this fishbowl and back in the lake and I’ll get you the relic.  With a snap the bowl grew back to normal size and Rain was able to jump out and back into Shimmer lake.  Drift strolled over to a large rock that protruded from the shoreline, climbed to the top crossed his legs and sat quietly looking at the horizon. Bowser pulled himself from Drifts body and floated next to him, carefully reading the look on Drift’s face. 

It’s going to be alright Drift, we can do this, and when it’s all over that horizon will still be here to gaze at.  I really did love this place.  I used to sit on the shore and let the water lap up at my feet just listening to the wind and the animals.  Even when it rained, I found peace in the sound of the raindrops breaking the surface of the lake. I cannot rest knowing this world is in jeopardy. There’s too much…Drift’s stomach growled loudly stopping Bowser mid-sentence. Bowser slowly turned to face Drift, his jaw dropped low with a great look of shock and disappointment on his face.  FOOD! Really? You’re staring longingly towards the horizon thinking about food!? What is wrong with you!? Bowser scowled.

What, all this magic and adventure talk is making me hungry, it’s been like 4 hours since we ate last. I am not dead yet, I have to eat, I wish I brought some bacon or peanut butter or a hamburger or some hot dogs, hot dogs would be great travel food. I can eat a hot dog with one hand and punch with the other. They heat up quick too. A little fire and we can cook some hot dogs and beans. Chop up some onions, get some mustard or even better we could bring some chili with us, I mean come on chili dogs peanut butter and bacon, soooooo good. Can you magic that up?

Drift asked finally turning his eyes from the horizon to look at Bowser.  Bowser still floated next to him, eyes and moth wide frozen in disbelief.

I am not magicing up chili dogs with peanut butter and bacon for you. First off that sounds disgusting, second that’s a complete waste of magic, which we need to save the world. Bowser growled.

Just at that moment Rain broke from below the surface of the lake holding, what looked like a TV remote, in one fin. She splashed down into the waiting fishbowl and tossed the remote to Bowser. It flew right through Bowser’s awaiting arms and straight into Drift’s unsuspecting face.  Right you’re a ghost, you can’t catch things. Rain smiled.

Why did you just hit me in the face with a TV remote!? Drift barked as he climbed down from his rock to retrieve the remote-control shaped object.  He bent low, one arm stretching towards the group as he searched for the relic. Laying on top of the pebble shores or shimmer lake the relic could hardly be seen. The only reason Drift was able to identify the magical item was by its size and shape. Slightly larger than most of the pebbles on the shore and rectangular compared to the smooth rounded stones beneath, the relic hardly seemed magical at all.

Don’t let the fact that the stone isn’t glowing or radiating with energy fool you. That small rectangular stone you see before you holds great power. Bowser said as he slipped through the side of Drift’s head and back into his body.

Still not used to that feeling, Drift said as a shiver ran down his spine and out the tip of his small crooked tail.

Me neither, now let’s go ahead and pick it up, just wait till you see what this baby can do. Bowser said with a yip.

Drift’s fingers wrapped around the outside of the relic, it felt warm and smooth as it vibrated softly in his hand. In the back of his head he could hear Bowser mumbling three words repeatedly. Shield, Shimmer, Summon. Shield, Shimmer, Summon. Shield, Shimmer, Summon. In a flash the relic exploded into a bright rainbow light and Drift could feel the warm soft vibrations flow up his arm like the water of Shimmer lake rolling over the pebble shores. It flowed around his whole body as the bright flash condensed back into his body forming a glowing armor of rainbow scales around his body.  Drift felt strong and confident, it was a new feeling for a nervous little dog from a small house on the edge of a small village.

Feel’s good doesn’t it Bowser said already knowing the answer. He could feel the power too, the magic from the relic reached deep into Drift’s body surrounding Bowser with its protection too. With this armor on we are invincible, nothing can hurt us, we are faster and stronger too. The only drawback is that it only lasts as long as our magic does then it pops back into a stone to recharge for a while. I’d guess at best, if we aren’t using magic for anything else, I could make it last for about 8 seconds. As soon as we start running fast or fighting eraser cats we will run out of juice in no time, 3 seconds or less.

Uhhh, what? Drift said dumb founded.

Right, you’re not that bright.


Listen, think of it like a video game. When we are separate, you have a “health bar” (your life) and I have a magic bar (mana). When we’re are merged, we have both, a health bar and a mana bar.  When we use magic to fight or defended ourselves it drains the mana bar and when it hits

zero, we are out of luck. You’ll have to wait for me to charge us back up and you’ll pretty much be on your own till I do. Bowser explained. With a flash the armor flowed back off Drift’s body and into its stone form.  We’ll we’re out for now but don’t be discouraged, I can recharge pretty fast and as we gather other relic’s we will be able extend both your health and my magic.

Drift’s stomach rumbled, I think using magic makes me hungry, I am starving he groaned.

You’re always hungry but the real question is are you ready? Next stop the Hunter’s Forest to find the sword stone, a crystal relic that transforms into a magical sword with special powers all its own. There was a smile in Bowser’s voice as it echoed inside Drift’s head.


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  1. This story is very good and super detailed. I like the eraser cats idea, and it is funny when it says: ¨This time he started with an animal that he knew was evil, cats.¨ I can´t wait for more!

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