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Mini Bee Bundle Unboxing – Bee Swarm Simulator

Roblox: Bee Swarm Simulator Unboxing Series 1

We’re back opening this mini bee bundle. We opened these bees in our last video from the three packs and it might be loud, but people should not disturb. That’s better. Okay, let’s try to open this. If we have some pain it’s pain okay. Everybody has to deal with it, especially if you’re a new sixth grader and you’re only two days into school. We have an orange hive comb and what’s this? I got the pollen compound. So we’re just going to put that there. And then we got a brown bear sticker. Yeah, that’s what it seems like. So I think I’m going open the compound first. It’s reusable.

I’m going to have pain in this. If you want to stay and watch, stay and watch. And if you make it to the end, I’ll say something that you should comment at the end. It’s like kinetic sand. Just a little nectar kind of thing. Now it’s time to get to the part that you guys are all looking for. The bee. I hope we get a good bee. In the back here we can see the bees that we can get. We got all the bees on display that I’ve got that. Three… I’m not going to look. Three, two, one. What did we get? Rad bee. That is sick. Hey look. What’s inside of here? It’s a sticker, sort of a maroonish color. It’s a little bit darker than the bee itself, but we got our rad bee. I’m happy with today. I’m gonna put the bee on display. We got a little sticker that we could probably stick on our bee chart for next time. If I get a couple views, if I get, let’s say 10 or 11 views at the most, I’ll do another unboxing. Save up because…. It’s almost Christmas time if you knew. Or that’s what time it is here, at least. And you can check the date this was posted.

This little nectar pollen stuff, it’s cool. You can get the rad bee in game by feeding a basic bee back there some real jelly. So I’m just going to play with this for a little, and if you make it to the end of the video, I’ll say a special thing. And if you comment it, boo ya, I’ll do more unboxings because I bet you guys want these if you’re watching them. Yeah. I’m going to smell this. Let’s smell it. You probably can’t smell it, but I’m going to smell it. It has like the weird firework kind of smell like burnt out firework. That’s unusual, but it’s like little nectar. And then we had the little nectar here and then the bee is like… And then this goes in your backpack, understand. You bring it to school for anybody who’s also in school. I just started middle school. It’s great. Maybe I’ll do some chats sometime, but that’s it for this video. We got a cool rad bee. And continuing on, we got all these other bees, so I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget, drop down in the comments, bear. That’s the code. Put it in the comments and I’ll do another unboxing. Bear. Just remember it. Hi.



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