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Roblox: Bee Swarm Simulator Unboxing Series 1

Roblox: Bee Swarm Simulator Unboxing Series 1

Okay. Welcome back, and we’re gonna do a Bee Swarm unboxing. So, you can get common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, and event. Looks like there’s three mystery bees to collect. I don’t know what I’m gonna get.

Okay, moving on. Let’s open the first pack. Okay. Very dashing events. Let’s just do some stuff here. Okay. There we go, that’s better. So, it looks like we have three Bee Swarm simulator hive combs, and I’m gonna open one of them. Just skip it. Yep. Open this. Tabby Bee. Got Tabby Bee. It’s pretty nice quality. We got our Tabby Bee, comes with a sticker. DLC code, you scratch it off. I think you put the sticker on the back, right? Yeah. So I’ll just set them up so they look like in the game.

Got the bees just sitting back here, hive right there. Next, I’ll do yellow. Got Shocked Bee, I think, right? Let’s check out back. So we got…yeah, Shocked Bee. It’s like I’ve been playing little. Got the sticker. And I’m just gonna put them in there. They’re pretty nice quality. And we’re just gonna put him next to that. Green time, everybody likes green and let’s see what bee we got. Let’s figure it out on the back of the box, in this box. Looks like we got the Cool Bee. Woo. That’s a pretty nice bee. Comes with a sticker as usual. We’ll just shove ’em in there, make things faster. Okay. Organize that.

Next, this time I’ll try to be a little carefuller in opening these. We have white this time and we have purple and green. So, I wanna open white, see what it is. Basic Bee. We got a Basic Bee this time guys. We got a Basic Bee. Let’s see what’s…Got a sticker, like usual. We gotta put him in the hive. Next up, we have the green and we got a Looker Bee, is that right? Let’s find out on the back of the package. Looker Bee…Are you upside down? Let’s see. Looker Bee, you go like that. There we go. Yep. It’s a Looker Bee. Go back over there. It’s pretty nice quality again. Just go buzz into the camera. Okay, buddy, go in your hive comb, back over there. And last but not least, we have the purple. I hope we get like a mythic or a vampy. I’m pretty sure this is the Tabby Bee one. Here we go.

Oh, looks like we got the Crimson Bee. That’s pretty cool. And does this one come with the DLC code with this pack? It does. Oops, there it goes. So, what I’ve seen is it looks like the purple containers or purple bee hive seem to have the DLC codes. So if you’re looking for those, I’m recommending probably purple…I don’t think these work in game yet, but we do have all of our bees here. We have the Shocked Bee, Tabby Bee, Cool Bee, Basic Bee, Looker Bee, and the Crimson Bee. This is what we got. I think the Tabby Bee and the Crimson Bee were the best bees we got today in our Bee unboxing. We did good guys. We did good. And I’ll see you in the next one.



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