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Color Morphing Mugs – How Do They Do It?

Color Morphing Mugs & Thermochromic Paint – How Do They Do It?

There is something really cool about our color morphing mugs but how do they do it? We had to know what went into the production of these “Just Be Cool.” color morphing mugs.morphing mug

Well here is everything you need to know about the thermochromic paint behind these color morphing mugs.

Thermochromic paint is a special kind of paint that changes color or level of transparency when the temperature changes.
It is made of thermochromic pigments, which are made up of molecules that change color when exposed to heat.

When thermochromic paint is put on a surface at room temperature, it looks a certain color.
But as the surface temperature changes, so will the color of the paint. For example, a coffee cup painted with thermochromic paint might look black when it’s empty but turn red when hot coffee is poured into it.

Depending on how hot or cold it is, the pigments in thermochromic paint absorb and reflect light in different ways. When it’s cooler, the pigments take in more light and look darker. As the temperature goes up, the pigments reflect more light and look lighter or brighter.

There are many ways to use paint that changes color based on temperature.

Some examples include:

color morphing mugFood and drink packaging: Thermochromic paint can be used to show when hot or cold drinks have reached the right temperature on the packaging.
A thermochromic label on a bottle of beer might, for example, turn blue when the beer is cool enough to drink.

Smart textiles: Thermochromic paint can be used to make textiles that change color based on the temperature. This could be used to make designs on clothes or other textiles that are interesting to look at and fun to interact with.

Safety uses: Thermochromic paint can be used to let people know when a surface is too hot to touch.
For instance, if you put thermochromic paint on a stove burner, it might turn red when the burner is turned on to show that it is hot and should be avoided.

Marketing: Thermochromic paint can be used in marketing to make designs that are both eye-catching and fun to interact with. For example, a billboard with thermochromic paint could change colors depending on the temperature, or the packaging of a product could change color to show that it’s new and fresh.

Art and design: Thermochromic paint can be used in art and design to make installations that change color when the temperature does. This could be used to make unique and interesting public art installations or interior design projects.

Overall, thermochromic paint is a cool and useful technology that can be used in a lot of different ways.
Its ability to change color with changes in temperature makes it a great material for making designs that are interesting to look at and fun to interact with in many different fields.


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